How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day without a Baby Sitter

How to Enjoy Valentine’s Day without a Baby Sitter

I am quite the romantic, but having a baby and no baby sitter can be a bit of an anchor on the love boat. Where there’s a will, there’s a way though so I’m determined to continue to make Valentine’s Day special, even with our tiny tot in tow.  Here are some ideas for you and your lovebug to enjoy V-Day with the kid or kiddies. Of course, age may impact your options, so choose accordingly.

Valentine’s Day with the Kids


  • At-home spa day (if you have a tiny tot, pop them in their vibrating chair). Get oils, sugar scrubs, and facial masks. Cut on some soothing spa music, dim the lights, and get the massaging.
  • Have an in-home chef come to your home to cook or give you all a cooking class
  • Go on a scenic picnic (if it’s warm where you are)
  • Treat your lovely to a spa day. You can’t go together, but you could take turns.
  • Host a couple’s Valentine’s Day game night
  • Make sweets with your sweeties at a baking class. Most baking schools have one-day classes for children (6-17) and adults.
  • All-day romantic gestures
    • Fill the car with roses
    • Gifts hidden all over the house, in the car, at work
    • Breakfast in bed with cheesy heart shaped pancakes
    • Candles and rose petals leading to dinner or a bubble bath drawn for your sweet
  • And when the kids go to sleep
    • Edible body paint – enough said.

Here’s the list of the fun stuff you can do sans kids, if you find a sitter.

Pro Tip: If you do find a sitter, some great advice I’ve read is to go out to an early dinner in the hopes that your tot will be sleep or ready for bed when you get home, so you get bonus time with your love instead of going out at bedtime, coming home late, and passing out.

I hope you have a lovely Valentine’s Day….next week! Why is February in such a rush to be over?

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