Hello world!

Hello world!

Hello world, it’s Jasmine and Terry.

Thank you so much for visiting our site! We are excited and anxious to be starting out on this journey. Writing a blog together has been an idea we have been sitting on for about a year and now it’s finally happening! Our hopes for this blog is that there is a little bit of something beneficial for everyone. Of course we will be talking about parenting and a little about our relationship, but we’ll also be sharing tips for professional growth, spiritual growth, health, and wellness. The concept of the blog is sharing how we balance our lives with our main priority always being each other and our new son, JT. Terry is a researcher, course instructor, director at Forefront, a non-profit focused on innovative solutions to sustainability in underdeveloped countries, and a Ph.D. student studying historical approaches to understanding the racial inequalities in education in the U.S. I am an education policy consultant, writer, and co-founder of Guardians of Our Sons, a Philadelphia based non-profit for boys of color. We balance all of this in a new city away from our families with our baby boy J.T. As we grow and learn more about your interests and needs, we hope to expand the blog. So please share with us what you’ve been looking for that you’ve yet to find. We also invite you to like, share, comment, and subscribe so we’ll know what you find interesting and helpful, in hopes to be able give you more. We hope you enjoy it!

If you’d like to get started with living a more balanced life today, here are some free tips from us:

Until Soon,

Jasmine and  Terry

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