12 Baby Books with Children of Color

12 Baby Books with Children of Color

I love opening up a children’s book and seeing children in all different shades and hair textures. It really makes my heart warm. Unfortunately, books that display children of color have not yet become the norm. For this reason, Terry and I are always super conscious when we buy JT’s toys and books to make sure that he sees himself represented and is exposed to other children as well. I know a lot of parents (from all backgrounds) are determined to do the same thing for their child so I wanted to share some of the diverse books JT has on his shelf and I have in my Amazon cart for his birthday.

These books aren’t focused specifically on race, although I think those books are great. This is just a list of books with babies of color just being babies (links included on the picture). We’ll definitely teach JT all about his heritage, race relations and systemic racism when he’s old enough to understand. Right now, I just want to show him images he can identify with and the diversity of children all over the world.

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Here are the Spanish translations for Leo Loves Baby Time and Lola Reads to Leo, too. How cute are they?

(The book in the photo is Lenny in the Garden, but I can’t find it anywhere online for cheaper than $36. We got it from an African bookstore for 7 bucks. If I find it online at a more reasonable price, I’ll be sure to share the link. It’s an adorable book.)

What are some of your favorite diverse baby books?

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