Jasmine Highsmith


Jasmine is the body pillow, milk producer, boogy retriever, human rocker, and mother of Baby J.T. In her free time, she is a writer and yoga teacher in training. She graduated cum laude from Temple University in 2013 with a degree in sociology. She is from Uptown Philadelphia, but currently resides in Los Angeles.



Terry Allen

Terry is Baby J.T.’s creative instructor, brand ambassador, distractor, entertainer, and cuddler. In his spare time he is a Ph.D. student at UCLA studying race, gender, and class disparities in education and incarceration in the U.S. Terry is also a founding team member and director of all things people and strategy at Forefront. He received his bachelor’s in rhetoric from UC Berkeley in 2013. He is from the Bay Area.






Terry and Jasmine both have their Masters degrees in Education Policy from Columbia University, where they met. They bond on their love for God, commitment to a daily growth mindset, and complete adoration of baby J.T.



About Balancing JT

Throughout both of our lives, people often asked us “how do you do it?” With me (Jasmine) always working and being in school even if that meant being a commuter student, working full-time in Philadelphia and attending graduate classes in New York and Terry always placing his name in the hat for unique opportunities like working at the White House (Obama administration) or creating sustainability initiatives in villages in India, individually, we had a lot on our plates. Together, let’s just say our cup and plates continue to runneth over, but maintaining balance and self-care no matter how “busy” we get is something we both have always taken very serious. Now  that we have embarked on our most precious  joint-venture, Baby JT, sustaining a balanced home and life is more important than ever.

We hope for this to blog to be a space for moms, dads, couples, singles, people who work, and people who don’t. Generally anybody who is trying to be a better person and balance all of the complex aspects of life. As we strive to be unwavering servants to God, healthier humans mentally and physically, successful in our careers, courageous creators, originals, the world’s best parents to JT, a loving couple to each other, great friends, and better siblings, we hope we are able to share some knowledge and inspire you to spend less time letting life overwhelm you and more time enjoying a life you carefully cultivated.


We thank you for visiting our site and hope you come back soon.