5 Baby Registry Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Once Your Baby Is Born

5 Baby Registry Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Once Your Baby Is Born

Building my baby registry was one of the most overwhelming tasks while I was pregnant. If you’re a new mom or spaced out second (third, fourth, or fifth) time mom you may be experiencing the same thing. Here are a few baby registry tips, I wish I knew while I was building my registry that I quickly learned after my baby was born.

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Say It With Me….Options

  1.  Give yourself options when possible

Building a registry is all about options and I didn’t know that in the beginning. I thought I had to know what I wanted and what my baby needed right then and there but what most people don’t tell you is that you don’t know until you know. Some things you’ll never use, some things you’ll need two of. A lot of things will be trial and error with your tiny tot so it’s important to provide yourself with options galore.

I thought I knew for sure what brand of soap and lotion, I was going to use with JT. To my surprise, about a month after he was born, his sensitive skin began to reveal itself. I went through at least 5 different brands and just as many doctor visits before I found  a brand that was actually compatible with his skin. There was no way I could have foreseen what type of soaps and lotions would irritate my baby’s skin or what would have the right ingredients to keep him moisturized and I could not find out until I tried different kinds. Babies have sensitive skin, some more than others. You may love Aveeno, but that does not mean your baby’s skin will. For this reason, I seriously recommend collecting samples and small bottles of soaps and lotions before your tiny tot is born to go through your own trial and error once they arrive (they only need little dots of soap anyway). Once you determine, the brand that works for them, then rack up. You can get samples for free from your OB, the store you register with, or included with another item you purchase. Stack ’em up and store ’em away. It will save you money and bathroom cabinet space.  (JT’s dermatologist recommended The National Eczema Association for product sensitivity ratings and that’s how we decided on the Mustela Stelatopia Cleanser and Mustela Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream for him. It literally worked wonders for his skin and we still use it to this day.)

Similar to the lotions and soaps, you won’t know which brand of diapers and wipes you prefer until you start using them. On top of the possibility of your little bundle of love having sensitive skin, different brands may fit your baby better at different stages of his life (aka your baby may piss out of certain brands). My sister hates Luvs, because the only time my nephew pees out of his diaper he has on Luvs. JT on the other hand, peed out of many a Pamper or Huggy, when he was smaller, but does just fine with them now and never had an issue with Luvs. Who knows? I think every baby is bound to destroy a onesie or three with some poo or pee eventually, no matter the brand.

One final note about diapers:

When you get the variety of different diaper brands and sizes, leave as many as possible in the boxes and packaging. I know you want to nest and set up your nursery, but even if you have the right brand for your baby, you may have too many of the wrong size. You won’t know how fast your baby is going to grow until she is here so keep them in the boxes in case you need to exchange them when you find you don’t actually need 8 boxes of size 1 diapers. You also won’t know what size your baby will be when he or she starts being on the move and mover diapers will fit better (They actually work! I thought they were a scam until JT switched over.)

For all my breastfeeding mamas:

3. Sore nipple aids! I say a general “sore nipple aids” because everybody’s nipples are different and you don’t know what will be soothing to you until you try it. Although when latched correctly, “there shouldn’t be any pain,” from my experience (and the experience of all of the breastfeeding mothers I know) there is an adjustment necessary to the sensation of feeding an infant from your nipples. For me, it was Medela Nipple Cream (*praise hand emoji*), for my sister it was the Lansinoh Soothies Gel Pads, for my childbirth classmate is was the Lansinoh 3 in 1 Therapearl Pads. I tried all of them and all of them provided some sort of relief, but honestly it is going to come down to preference and your level of pain. If you plan on breastfeeding and you can afford it (or your baby shower attendants can), stock up on the nipple soothing aids so when the time comes you have different options to soothe you through the tougher beginning weeks of breastfeeding.

Keeping It Clean

4. Don’t be afraid to go a little wash cloth crazy. After some time your baby will add baths onto his/her everyday schedule and if you’re super anal like me, you might want to use a different rag for his face and his body and a new rag everyday. You can also use rags to wipe off their gums and tongues for early oral care. Anddd you can wet and freeze rags in ziplock bags for your bambino to suck on when they’re teething (literal lifesaver). Bottom line, you can hardly have too many wash rags even though they’re not usually a big highlight for registries. They’re itty bitty so they don’t take up too much space and you’ll be able throw out the old and tattered ones when they get ratty.


And don’t forget the cotton balls…

In the hospital, they will probably show you how to bathe your little bundle of love and they will most likely use cotton balls to clean his face and ears. For the first 3-4 months, I used cotton balls to freshen up JT’s face, ears, and neck among other rolls (everybody wants a chubby baby, nobody wants to keep his rolls clean). They made my life and the cleaning process so much easier. All you’ll probably need is one big bag of cotton balls so you don’t have to put it on the registry, but they’ll definitely come in handy to have in stock.


5. Last but not least, detergent for all. You need sensitive detergent, not just for the baby’s clothes but for your clothes too…because the baby will be on you and your sheets and your partner. Using swaddle blankets on surfaces like couches and extended family is great, but it will make your life a lot easier if you started cleaning the entire households fabrics with baby safe detergent prior to baby’s arrival. Just like the diapers and soap, don’t go detergent crazy in case you need to swap it out because of your baby’s allergies, but get one case of something safe (All Free and Clear has a good rep and is recommended by the NEA, I use Method Free and Clear), wash some of the baby’s clothes and blankets in it before you go into labor, and wash some of your clothes in it as well. I, personally, skip the dryer sheets altogether to reduce our exposure to more harsh chemicals and the chances of something else irritating his skin, so I don’t have any brand recommendations for that, but as soon as I start becoming super cool and making my own, I’ll let you know.
I hope you found this post super helpful and I pray you don’t let your registry stress you out. Do as much of it online as possible (I know you want to get up close and personal with that car seat though) to save yourself unnecessary waddles through the store.
Happy Registering!
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