3 Things I Love About My Guy

3 Things I Love About My Guy

It would be easy for me to sit here and write about the things about Terry that drive me crazy (like how he likes to rub his feet on me while we’re watching TV). But the reality is, I have too much to be grateful for every day to let a little toe rubbing get me down. So, I wanted to share some things that I love about Terry, because I think it’s important to stay in the habit of practicing gratitude with your mate. My goal is for nitpicking, complaining, and grumbling to be the rarity in my home and for gratitude and love to be the standard. Click To Tweet So, without further mushy ado, here are 3 things I love about Mr. Allen:

He makes the bed

Without taking the quiz, I know my love language changed from physical touch to acts of service after giving birth. With JT pulling and prodding at me all day, I’m not one for cuddling much these days, but when I come back upstairs to find the bed made? Now, that touches my heart. He’s usually gone for the day by the time I notice, but it gets me every time. It will be hours later, usually after I’ve wrestled JT down for his nap. I’ll go upstairs for something and there is our beautiful bed, all made up and pretty. Simple things like that take one more thing off of my list of things to do.

He supports me

Terry and I met in grad school, in the same masters program at Columbia University. Once we graduated, it was off to the races to go work and save America’s education system. After giving birth to JT though, I had a change of heart in my desires of what I wanted to do with my life. Suddenly, staying home with my son became the most important thing to me. I no longer felt like it was my responsibility to save the world. I saw the value in being home day by day nurturing and developing the little soul that God had entrusted me with. I knew that I still wanted to help others, but in a much different way. I became much more interested in spreading positivity as a way of fighting the negativity. At first, that meant starting this blog and working on finishing books I had started years prior. Now, it also means becoming a yoga teacher to spread another form of healing to others. Through it all, Terry has never questioned me, doubted me, or made me feel bad about my decisions. Of course, it is nothing more than God’s grace that we are able to live solely off of Terry’s income, but that’s something he never fought me on. He could have easily pushed me to reenter the workforce, but he never did. All he’s ever been concerned with is me doing what makes me happy, what’s best for our family, and most importantly, what God is calling me to do. For that, I’m forever grateful to him.

He never puts himself before my relationship with God

This, I would say, is his most noble characteristic and the reason I decided to date him in the first place. From the beginning, keeping God at the forefront has been Terry’s main priority in our relationship. Together, we’re always looking for new ways to go deeper with God. Having that in your partner is invaluable. Whether I want to meditate, pray, listen to a sermon, go to church, I never feel like I have to do it alone (though I gladly will and do) or hide it from my partner. He encourages me and challenges me to put my relationship and service to God over everything else. His love for God is pure and I’m a better person for it.

I encourage you to think of some of the things you love and appreciate about your partner. It’s especially helpful after a stupid disagreement to remind yourself what really matters and why what you have is worth fighting for. I am in no way saying that Terry is perfect. We have challenges that are much bigger than toe rubbing, but when I put things in perspective, I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

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